Bank History

The History of The Donley County State Bank

The Donley County State Bank was chartered on November 9, 1906. The original site of the bank was on the corner of Kearney and First Street where the old Donley Hotel facade still stands. The original officers were H.D. Ramsey, president; P.R. Stephens, vice president; and Wesley Knorpp, cashier. The first Directors of the bank included Thomas S. Bugbee, John C. Knorpp, Wesley Knorpp, H.D. Ramsey, P.R. Stephens, C.T. McMurtry, and J. L. McMurty.

The Donley County State Bank moved to its present location at the corner of Kearney and Second Street in January of 1917 and it was at this time the oak motif was replaced with marble counters and tellers’ cages.

In May of 1956, The Donley County State Bank temporarily moved across the street into what was the recently vacated First National Bank Building while a complete remodel of the bank was done. The renovation included a new floor plan with additional office space, a plate glass front and new entrance, a walk-up teller window on the north side of the building, and the addition of a limestone and roman brick edifice. The bank moved back into the newly remodeled building in September 1956.

The Knorpp family has been directly connected to The Donley County State Bank since its organization with one or more members of the family actively involved with the bank operations. Wesley Knorpp started as a cashier in 1906 and later became president in 1920 and held that position until 1949. He had faith in his fellow man and received enjoyment in watching and helping others to prosper. Very few borrowers ever let him down for they cherished the trust he extended. Wesley’s son, W. Carroll Knorpp became president in 1960. Carroll worked at the bank from 1928 until he retired in 1995. Like his father, he was praised for his generosity, a man whose word was his bond, and for his warm heart wrapped by a gruff voice.

Today, Walter B. Knorpp, Jr., continues in the family tradition set by his grandfather and uncle as bank president. Other Knorpp family members taking an active role within the bank include Walt’s two siblings, brother Todd Knorpp and sister Karen Rose, who serve as bank directors.

Donley County State Bank Presidents through the years:

  • H. D. Ramsey 1906-1914
  • Thomas Bugbee 1914-1921
  • Wesley Knorpp 1921-1949
  • F. E. Chamberlain 1949-1960
  • W. Carroll Knorpp 1960-1995
  • J. C. Fowler 1995-2002
  • Walter B. Knorpp, Jr. 2002-Present